Monday, 3 March 2008

There is no changing whats connected

Its late night, you close your eyes and wish about dreaming...the weight of your eyes becomes unbearable and the flash on your brain makes you know that you are about to enter another can only wish the rest...and still the same dreams,granted, with nuances but still the same dream...It has been 9 years and still that dream persists!There is no changing whats connected!
You get stressed,you are worried and on those nights the recurrence of thoughts is all but the same;and then you are taken to this exhilarating time of your life but also a hurt full one;it is because the dreams and the actual reality inter twain...for it is all connected and you again feel scared,worried and have no idea how to play the politics of about weaving tangled webs
Sem pendura,que a vida ja me foi dura para insistir na companhia

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