Tuesday, 31 March 2009


A bite to sweeten my mouth...
I love you all, be you fairy's or witches.

Monday, 30 March 2009

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Spirited Away

This film is an adventure story, although the characters neither swing weapons around, nor use supernatural powers in battle. It is an adventure story, but its theme is not a confrontation between good and evil. It will be a story of a girl who was thrown into a world where both good and evil exist. She gets trained, learns about friendship and devotion, and survives by using her wisdom. She finds her way out, dodges, and comes back to her old daily life for the time being. However, it is not because evil was destroyed -- just as the world does not disappear, (evil does not disappear). It is because she gained the power to live. Today, the world has become ambigous; but even though it is ambiguous, the world is encroaching and trying to consume (everything). It is the main theme of this film to describe such a world clearly in the form of a fantasy.
Being enclosed, protected, and kept away (from dangers), children cannot help but enlarge their fragile egos in their daily lives where they feel their lives as something dim. Chihiro's skinny limbs and sullen face, which indicate she would not be amused so easily, are a symbol of that. Still, when reality becomes clear and she finds herself in a crisis, her adaptability and endurance will well up within her. She would find an existence in which she can bravely decide and act within herself.
Certainly, many people might simply panic and sink down to the ground. But such people would vanish or quickly be eaten in the situation Chihiro faced. Chihiro is a heroine, because of her power not to let herself be eaten up. She is a heroine, (but) not because she is beautiful or because she has a matchless heart. This is the merit of this film, and this is why it is a film for 10 year old girls.
A word has power. In the world into which Chihiro has wandered, to say a word out of one's mouth has a grave importance. At Yuya, which is ruled by Yu-baaba, if Chihiro says one word like "No" or "I wanna go home," the witch would quickly throw Chihiro out. She would have no choice but to keep aimlessly wandering until she vanishes, or is changed into a chicken to keep laying eggs until she is eaten. In turn, if Chihiro says "I will work here," even the witch cannot ignore her. Today, words are considered very lightly, as something like bubbles. It is just a reflection of reality being empty. It is still true that a word has power. It's just that the world is filled with empty and powerless words.
The act of depriving (a person) of one's name is not just changing how one (person) calls the other. It is a way to rule the other (person) completely. Sen becomes horrified when she realizes that she is losing the memory of her name, Chihiro. And every time she visits her parents at the pigsty, she becomes (more) accustomed to her parents as pigs. In the world of Yu-baaba, you should always live in the danger of being eaten up.
In this difficult world, Chihiro becomes lively. The sullen, listless character would have a surprisingly attractive expression in the end of the film. The essence of the world has not changed a bit. This film will persuade one of the fact that a word is one's will, oneself, and one's power.
It is also the reason why we make a fantasy that takes place in Japan. Even though it is a fairytale, I do not want make it a Western one in which we can find many ways out. This film will probably be looked at as one of those run-of-the-mill other-world stories. But I'd like you to consider is as a direct descendant of "Suzume no Oyado (Sparrows' House)" and "Nezumi no Goten (The Palace of Mice)" in the Japanese folktales. Although they did not use such a phrase as "parallel world," our ancestors have blundered at Sparrows' House or enjoyed a party at The Palace of Mice.
The reason why I made the world of Yu-baaba pseudo-Western is because it is a world filled with Japanese traditional designs, as well as to make it ambiguous whether it is a dream or reality. We just don't know how rich and unique our folk world - from stories, folklore, events, designs, gods to magic - is. Certainly, Kachikachi Yama and Momotaro have lost their power of persuasion. But it is poor imagination to put all the traditional things into a snug folk-like world. Children are losing their roots, being surrounded by high technology and cheap industrial goods. We have to tell them how rich a tradition we have.
By combining traditional designs with a modern story, and putting them in as pieces of colorful mosaic, (I think) the world in the film will have a fresh persuasion. At the same time, (we must) recognize again that we are inhabitants of this island country. 
In an era of no borders, people who do not have a place to stand will be treated unseriously. A place is the past and history. A person with no history, a people who have forgotten their past, will vanish like snow, or be turned into chickens to keep laying eggs until they are eaten.
I would like to make it a film in which 10 year old girls can find their true wishes. 

Hayao Miyazaki




April fool's day and the 4 scourges of modern day humanity are converging in central London.
As someone once said :
ride with the green one please

Thursday, 26 March 2009

knock,knock,Knocking on the heavens door

Freezing my balls and hands off on a night bus to central London,because someone forgot to tell the emblematic black cab drivers that theres a recession out there and allthough any good londoner would say this is no longer our fair city but its countryside, £70 is as much of a rip off as the heating system off this croud carrier (they short of having chairs on the stairs and on the roof)that would make any train in India proud, i cant help but wonder if she wouldn't have disappointed me so,if i would have forgotten my house keys again,and thus enjoying the dear-in all senses of the word-company of TfL for the long 5hours i was exposed to its pungent smells,its excellent service and the happy and corteous people that,like me,have this peculliar privellege!Or was it only a bad day at the office?Either way,i wont let myself be upset!I've retrieved my keys,the russian next to me is goodlooking,i can write and i got the moral upperhand!Something real good is bound to happen soon enough!Right now i can only think about a hot meal and my bed...ok...and in you too!

Wednesday, 25 March 2009


Did a good job today and am happy with it.
My back is killing me thou.
Small price to pay for contentment.

Monday, 23 March 2009

tabula rasa???bahumba!!!

Beyond everything you can throw at me, i still stand against disdain.
Marching is not an option, is imperative in my nature. I do  question why,but choices are made and they are cognitive not at all spawned within a blank slate.So offering silly Pinker's arguments to retreat from what could,surely, be a perfect conjunction of bodies is not even close to "not good enough".
I wont begrudge you.
I WILL say that YOU have lost a perfect way to change your views on existence.

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Walking on sunshine????

I am in a good place with myself right now.
Just hope it was not just because of a crush i had.
Because that one is goneeeeeeeeeeeee....

Back to the future

Bad dreams last night.
But in even in them i could envision what was going to happen.
It's like i can almost see the future.This thing about cause/effect is my ultimate religion.
God has no time to intervene as he chooses so.Otherwise His experience is not completed.
String theory is a certainty!!

Saturday, 21 March 2009

no cereals

waking up and having no cereals...
not really the best way to start a day , is it?

Friday, 20 March 2009

ops...i did it again

80's, 90's, 00's
I only go for the same type of women.
The ones that have problems and a helluva luggage so that i can save them and shape them up...
That,my friend, is why i was a drug addict and an alcoholic.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Will come

                             I know she's out there.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

later on

I hate days like the one that i just had.
It's not that it was anything thing in particular about it, it was just that the moment i set foot out of home i was, inexplicably irritated.And so it went on.Obviously you open yourself to even worst outcomes as it becomes a snow ball.T finish the day then, my beloved is depressed and my uncle has past away.Wont really miss him as i didn't knew him to well but he is outlived by 5 dear cousins of mine that have lost their mother in August.Today was not a good day.

Monday, 16 March 2009


I've got to apply myself a bit more...
Otherwise i wont get there.

Saturday, 14 March 2009


It's driving me insane...



I know that expecting for other people to do their share is impossible.I command my own actions and not what surrounds me.
I wonder,though, how can one do his best if all around him do the very minimum?
How do you sell yourself to anybody when everybody pretends?Even with hard work proven, in loco, it's impossible (so it seems) to make a difference.Regardless of the position you are on you will have to live with the inaptbility of people that surround you.
So what would be the point to persist?
It makes you lose hope in people.


The toothfairy is sick again...
Why persist with the pain?
Might as well be toothless.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Shoe throwing

3 years in jail, that is the sentence for a journalist that attacked Bush.
"Unfair" say the defense team because he was convicted of assault but the shoes never did hit Bush...
The fact is that the prison sentence was so hard because it was an assault towards a head of state.

Me, on the other hand, i am the president of my world.
And i would love you to throw your shoes at me.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Mass hysteria breaks out in Central America...

Fantastic article i just read at :

After carefully reading it i saw a comment about it...

Rather Unscientific!

Wed Mar 11 19:05:02 GMT 2009 by jim

on what basis do you rule out demonic interference???



Sunday, 8 March 2009

what a great morning...preparing for the snow latter

Thursday, 5 March 2009


Emma Lawrence seems to be addicted to chocolate. Please help me.
Lisa Fraser às 20:06 de 4/3
me too...i just ate a big bar of galaxy cookie crumble to myself :-0
Robert Munro às 20:22 de 4/3
oh no you know what that means dont you!!!!!
Andrew Hewitt às 6:25 de 5/3 pelo Facebook no Telemóvel
Chocolate is a substitute for Love or Sex- it contains the same chemical that the Brain releases after sex and promotes the feeling of pleasure and satisfaction- Your current addiction does not look good, as an indicator of your current happiness, but I hope you are ok.
 Mauricio Gouveia às 10:23 de 5/3
Emma, if i were you i would scoff down the chocolate rather than listen to the scientist above.
Andrew Hewitt às 12:46 de 5/3 pelo Facebook no Telemóvel
I'm not a scientist, I an a security officer involved in counter-terrorism, so just happen to know some science, particularly chemistry, and human behavioral science!
Emma Lawrence às 16:38 de 5/3
Now now boys...if the 'scientist' is right then it must be due to the time of the month and the lack of one of the things in the list. There is no lack in love so yes all is ok thanks. As for the advice of 'scoffing down' the chocolate, we all know that means Emma won't lose weight! Lisa, glad I'm not alone! x
Lisa Fraser às 16:46 de 5/3
hahaha, Emma u r wise lol x
Andrew Hewitt às 19:42 de 5/3
I agree, very wise- and diplomatic, nice! lol
 Mauricio Gouveia às 0:48 de 6/3
a faux pass i must admit.
Out numbered two to one and cadbury doesn't even pay me enough to take lessons on how serotonin is produced buy both having sex or munching on some Smarties.
S.A.D. i am ,in not being able to provide you with a better explanation than Mr. Hewitt that has such a vast knowledge.Must be why i am and always been a conscientious objector.That does make me less qualified.
I stand corrected.
Now, why the hell do you want to upset me????

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Head, shoulders, knees and toes

Think about it...
Would you buy a cursed book, if you knew him out there ?
Would you look for it?
Would you read it, even though legend said that you would day 24hours after reading it?

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

there's only one way to find out,,,FIGHTTTTTTTT

Just watching this program about these girls, teenage girls, that are so miserable because of the size of their breasts. One of their friends interviewed said something that got me thinking.
Well don't take me wrongly when i say what i am about to say (to whoever is concerned)but i never though that my cock needed a makeover.I mean, i am not a jumbo sized one and it could do with a bit more girth but all in all i am pretty much satisfied.Even proud of the sucker for going through all that i could throw at him and still in working order, no more glitz.
Still, i can't help and wonder...I mean the girls were all enthused , and their friends too, about the new cycle that just began for them, because they had this perception that they were too small.The fact is that 1/3 of the BRITISH women want to have a boob job.
So it got me thinking...what if that perception is reflect upon men's size?I mean,it would be sad for a girl to have implants and start to date with a ,oh,lets say, 4inches(10cm) man.I am in the average 6 something inches, but after this program, that, somehow, does not seem enough.
What a to do...
Should i leave it or should please the eye?
In a world where beauty is all around us, competitiveness for number one is absolute.

Monday, 2 March 2009


My life seems to be facing the crossroads and i cant seem to take the step forward.
So i just keep on waiting

Sunday, 1 March 2009


Her swagger worked me out throughout the night.
How is it possible for one to minimize himself in his dreams?Anyway, in this reallity i am awake.
The whole opposite of me, all that i can't stand in a person.Except for the disguised need of being controled.And that turns me on more than anything.Inspite of being the representation of the antiChrist itself.
Love every moment.But know is wrong.WRONG.Oh, so Wrong.