Monday, 26 November 2007

'A minha tia Laimi
Sao feitas por escuteiros
sao o trigo dos marinheiros
sao o salvo dos bombeiros
sao akelas que me prendem ao mundo
que me liga aos passarinhos
e 'a humanidade que me, se as jogam e me pescam nesses fundos marinhos
e que me acorrentam a toda a igualdade
que e' a vida dos que se afogam por saberem a Sua verdade
a verdade da existencia
que nem tem qualquer segredo
e' um rito de passagem passagem chamando-se vivencia
para que a enfrentemos sem medo
com expectativa nesta proxima viagem
quando ate' Ele caminharmos
e possamos voltar a d'Ele fazer parte
E assim contarmos nossa historia
para engrandecer a Sua gloria
porque saber o ke e' e nao e' ,e' uma arte
E 'e por isso que aki estamos...
Entao ate' ja' minha amiga...
continuo na minha missao
a lembranca guardo-a ,com ternura, no coracao
porque e' mais uma passo do conhecimento

E em breve, juntos,de novo, estamos
Para nosso merecimento

Cordas e Amarras ligam-nos sempre

"Eu sou o principo e o fim
o Alfa e o Omega"

Friday, 23 November 2007

Some people ask me if i could go back...would i do it all over again...well thats not fair is it?Maybe not but to get to the place where i am and being abble to judge me and be content with the outcome for that if i would have chosen a different path, enlightment might of not happen and thus condemned to linger around in a life that would have not knowned answers to pertinent existencional questions, well then maybe then i would not do it all over again or maybe i would...

The point is that i would NOT like to go back in time anymore...

That said...i look at my wonderfull SARA and say...i wouldn't mind being in that age

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

So...i'm off this mornig to the tube station having waking up early enough to get to work and still do some tip for myself...this situation about having more responsabilitie at work has been making me very much a money shy person...of course i got to look at my bible before i leave home so i turn to pag.436 and surprise surprise severe delays both on the Picadilly as on the i think...screw it...i'll go to Finsbury and from then the victoria to King's Cross (international???i wish...ahhhh...breakfast in Paris...well...soon enought) then the Circle or the Hammersmith and City to Paddigton, hop on to the Heatrow Express and voila...£6.20 + £7.35 and i'm at work...
Something made go on the Picadilly line though...i scrambled onto the platform go all the way to the last carriage, see a lot of ugly people and sick ones at that, manage to squeaze trough and got myself a seat...then i see first is just a glimpse and then...there it looks like a pocket bible and the men does look like one of then american guys that are around London spreading the Word...but aint...a strange connection ties me to this men..its strong, compeling but still i cannot talk to him...what to do???i wanna say something but don't want to be condescendent...i know that if it was me sometime ago i would resentfully make conversation and just as soon as he would leave i would have said to myself "the nerve of that guy...comparing himself to me...bafon...if you know where i've been...screw you ..."what to do????Holborn station...he's getting off...i got to say something...

and then it came..."FRIEND...have a good day" (a stranger...a complete stranger on the subway...a men for that matter)and he knew what i meant...

Friday, 16 November 2007

what an interesting prospect...
"i need money to age disgracefully"

Friday, 9 November 2007

Xmas is coming...

What can you NOT buy in London???

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Its not that i have been bad or anything...i just dont seem to understand why can i not the lack of empathie between me and everybody else...i mean...i look at you and i can visualize me living who you are and for some reason it seems there is something fundamentaly dislikeble about me...i would almost say ,that sometimes, your disling of me brings the strenght...NOT

It 's not that i am crying inside or anything...for crying out loud there is not one depressing yiota on my all being...but there is the thing about being loved and hated, at the same time, that once and a while pisses me off.

And the sublime irony of not wanting and over the sudden overtaken by wanting to be wanted is mean...then might just be winter coming.

Friday, 2 November 2007

Que horas sao???

Parece-me que nada mais consegue parar estes relogios...pingam os segundos e eu daki a dias tou em casa...ufa...adoro Londres mas parece-me ke preciso de ferias...ta quase...tic tac Clarisse!
ke teria sido do meu outro caminho se eu e a Carmo nunca tivessemos acabado???hummm...
Gotta think on this one...will get back to you asap