Thursday, 31 January 2008

Bear witness to childhood

This is all but a crisis...still...i would love to have some of my own...i guess that what really gets to me is the "demandingness" of what i see s must on my partner...if i continue like this..well then i die alone or unhappy...and isnt this the ultimate experience???Fatherhood???In any case i got my three little pirates here that are a joy to behold...cute??i say more..there are all a iece of what i am inside...

Saturday, 19 January 2008

Now would or would this not be a good bath almost makes you wonder if the salts are already there...thats what you miss in London...

Friday, 4 January 2008

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Madeira by night

The sky's burning??now this is a real melting pot of colours