Tuesday, 3 March 2009

there's only one way to find out,,,FIGHTTTTTTTT

Just watching this program about these girls, teenage girls, that are so miserable because of the size of their breasts. One of their friends interviewed said something that got me thinking.
Well don't take me wrongly when i say what i am about to say (to whoever is concerned)but i never though that my cock needed a makeover.I mean, i am not a jumbo sized one and it could do with a bit more girth but all in all i am pretty much satisfied.Even proud of the sucker for going through all that i could throw at him and still in working order, no more glitz.
Still, i can't help and wonder...I mean the girls were all enthused , and their friends too, about the new cycle that just began for them, because they had this perception that they were too small.The fact is that 1/3 of the BRITISH women want to have a boob job.
So it got me thinking...what if that perception is reflect upon men's size?I mean,it would be sad for a girl to have implants and start to date with a ,oh,lets say, 4inches(10cm) man.I am in the average 6 something inches, but after this program, that, somehow, does not seem enough.
What a to do...
Should i leave it or should please the eye?
In a world where beauty is all around us, competitiveness for number one is absolute.

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