Thursday, 5 March 2009


Emma Lawrence seems to be addicted to chocolate. Please help me.
Lisa Fraser às 20:06 de 4/3
me too...i just ate a big bar of galaxy cookie crumble to myself :-0
Robert Munro às 20:22 de 4/3
oh no you know what that means dont you!!!!!
Andrew Hewitt às 6:25 de 5/3 pelo Facebook no Telemóvel
Chocolate is a substitute for Love or Sex- it contains the same chemical that the Brain releases after sex and promotes the feeling of pleasure and satisfaction- Your current addiction does not look good, as an indicator of your current happiness, but I hope you are ok.
 Mauricio Gouveia às 10:23 de 5/3
Emma, if i were you i would scoff down the chocolate rather than listen to the scientist above.
Andrew Hewitt às 12:46 de 5/3 pelo Facebook no Telemóvel
I'm not a scientist, I an a security officer involved in counter-terrorism, so just happen to know some science, particularly chemistry, and human behavioral science!
Emma Lawrence às 16:38 de 5/3
Now now boys...if the 'scientist' is right then it must be due to the time of the month and the lack of one of the things in the list. There is no lack in love so yes all is ok thanks. As for the advice of 'scoffing down' the chocolate, we all know that means Emma won't lose weight! Lisa, glad I'm not alone! x
Lisa Fraser às 16:46 de 5/3
hahaha, Emma u r wise lol x
Andrew Hewitt às 19:42 de 5/3
I agree, very wise- and diplomatic, nice! lol
 Mauricio Gouveia às 0:48 de 6/3
a faux pass i must admit.
Out numbered two to one and cadbury doesn't even pay me enough to take lessons on how serotonin is produced buy both having sex or munching on some Smarties.
S.A.D. i am ,in not being able to provide you with a better explanation than Mr. Hewitt that has such a vast knowledge.Must be why i am and always been a conscientious objector.That does make me less qualified.
I stand corrected.
Now, why the hell do you want to upset me????

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