Thursday, 26 March 2009

knock,knock,Knocking on the heavens door

Freezing my balls and hands off on a night bus to central London,because someone forgot to tell the emblematic black cab drivers that theres a recession out there and allthough any good londoner would say this is no longer our fair city but its countryside, £70 is as much of a rip off as the heating system off this croud carrier (they short of having chairs on the stairs and on the roof)that would make any train in India proud, i cant help but wonder if she wouldn't have disappointed me so,if i would have forgotten my house keys again,and thus enjoying the dear-in all senses of the word-company of TfL for the long 5hours i was exposed to its pungent smells,its excellent service and the happy and corteous people that,like me,have this peculliar privellege!Or was it only a bad day at the office?Either way,i wont let myself be upset!I've retrieved my keys,the russian next to me is goodlooking,i can write and i got the moral upperhand!Something real good is bound to happen soon enough!Right now i can only think about a hot meal and my bed...ok...and in you too!

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