Monday, 10 March 2008


I was told that i rant about all and nothing over here...that mine was a difficult english to read and even understand!I guess...i dunno!To me it makes perfect sense...that was the purpose of doing this blog...write my experiences and what i tough about them, how did they made me feel!True that i might chose some words that not all people would commonly use but i find it absolutely boring to be using the same word on a sentence (synonymous...!!!).
Fact is that this is as i firstly describe it , a place where i can write whatever the hell i want...i am not writing a piece of journalistic interest...My hope is that i can have sharing experiences with people, that when they read this they can say:2 i can relate to that...let me share my stuff with this guy"!
Still...well one can only hope...till then i'll keep on writing and you keep on criticizing...eventually join in.AND IF YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND IT...

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