Saturday, 8 March 2008


I would like to know why is it that if you are of a different race, gender or personal choice of the majority you immediately find yourself with an handicap and thus a victim of society?Whats more , why is it that that majority ends up believing such bull?I mean...i had this person that pointed out the fact that she was(is) a woman and as such she should be treated differently...and they believe so...i had this one that decided that i am homophobic and even another that told me that i was surely a racist because i was demanding to much of might think that a person with such an aggressive nature as mine and a perfectionist at what ever i do (if at least to hide my physical faults) is probably all of the above, but i would beg to differ...what i am is a person that believes in equal opportunities and believe that there should be nothing that prevents people celebrating that equality...undoubtedly "liberte,equalite et fraternite".
I cant stand those people that demand equality and then demand to be treated differently because theyres is not the conventional way...
There should not be a place for self-discrimination these days...and the more fools we are to allow that to happen.
Enforce diversity and force equality!Dont expect political correctness
Querem igualdade?Exigam-na e enforcem-na

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