Thursday, 6 March 2008

Rotten to the core

Procuring perfection on ones own attitude towards life is hard enough.
Where do you go when you try to instill mannerism onto people?
I saw this piece on the newspaper today...This lady was tanking this other person on the whatever bus number in our capital, for not telling, on the phone, what had happen to his finger that was grossly mutilated;and then you wonder...there are still other people like that out there...
I can we not be more?It ethics, mannerism,its life with society...its not blending in...i standing proud to be different...different on your core is not being continental, ethnic , about the way you live your life and let others live...
But there is always a rotten apple...
Nows a days, you wonder were the good apple is on this basket full of worms???
Lets just wait for another 7 does say so on the label
E comer o pao que o diabo amanc,ou

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