Thursday, 13 March 2008

Came May...Cast your vote...just dont Labour about it

I am tired of supporting a party, that for a peoples party indoctrinates a policy of protecting minorities without realizing that that protection makes them all too vulnerable.
Being a big brother state leaves no margin of error to no has to be as perceived by some disconnected people.I am not saying that it hasn't do a lot...but much more has to be done and this party stagnates on his own 10 years of "glory".By all means,protect the little man (Tory just would do and them days are counted) but by doing so do not harm the ones that do want to be productive...Do i ask a lot?did i?Former drug addict and alchoolic and still always a working member of society...I did rebelled against the "man".My fights were with everyone and i was a sophist of sorts...Still, not just my upbringing but also my inner values gave me the sense of justice in this world...Its my habit (was) i should be able to afford it...i will not sponge off of anybody...
I believe a person is a person regardless of gender, religion and sexual do not ask for more than you are willing to give.I haven't...people disliked me,distrusted me but i always gave 100% on everything...not because of them...because i was proud enought to believe that one day this world will be for all...and not just for a few rich ones...or some poor sob that things his is the worst existence in the world...because his black, because hes gay, because shes a woman...Lord have mercy on the poor, black ugly lesbian...
Let me try the Lib.Dem.
Otherwise i'll just pack up and look for another farsical country

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