Friday, 21 March 2008

I dont like babys...

I cant stand them...i dunno if its because they cry a lot or what but i kinda suspect that it has to do with parents imposing them on can also be because i am a bit jealous of not having none yet, although,mind you, i am absolutely not ready for any...the thing is that i am an unimposing person and really dislike the fact that i go to the supermarket and they are being pushed on their buggies and crying and the space that them buggies take is frustrating...i cant move on the supermarket because the stupid car is blocking your way,their occupiers at 180 decibels,you try to walk up the street and you got go to the road because they're blocking the pedestrian walk, they scream and vomit in public transportation and the parents think its ok because everybody loves their cutie pie...they're all over the place and again parents think they are entitled to impose they offspring on us because everybody has or will have what?What if i am infertile??What if i don't wanna have them?
Yeah...i suspect that with all this rant i realize one thing...its not babies that i dislike...its their parents...
I mean...Who could not LOVE THIS PERFECT TREASURE???
I don't like least whilst i'm on this side!!!

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