Saturday, 28 February 2009


..."The nineteenth-century crowd were wrong,on the whole,but we're somehow doing worse than that (we are not even that).We're now living with the uncertainty principle and the incompleteness theorem and philosophers who say that the world has become a simulacrum - a copy without an original.We live in a world where nothing may be real;a world of infinite closed systems and particles that could be doing anything you like(but probably aren't) ."

Well Derrida would have a field day with this particular text as, as well constructed as it is, It itself neglects to reason that the uncertainty of the truth are more than present on Its rhetoric.
Still, as an ever inquisitive mind, i cannot affirm that the author text hasn't marvelled me. 
So i take my hat out at ARTEMIS OF BANA-MIGHDALL,a.k.a. Scarlett Thomas

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