Tuesday, 17 February 2009


In this tranquil and peaceful day of mine, i cannot help but to make a comment about a situation that bothers the hell out of me.
There is a trail going on in this country that i live on that is a quite disturbing case.
On the 10th of August 2006, the day my Godniece was born, some people, allegedly try to blow up several flights inbound to the United States, from this country.I usually wouldn't comment on this aside from the fact that it really irritates me.
They all plea not guilty which is fair enough, if they are.
But we all know that there is, at least, a hint of "not right" in this.
That, thou, is not what bugs me.What i can't understand is that, even if this is not the case, 99% of the times, they will so plead, regardless of their guilty.
Now, i don't want to pretend that i know the reasons why people do such things.As i well advocate, all is about the experience, the path that you live through life.If you've decided to abruptly end it, that's fine.It is your prerogative.If in that trip you happen to take others with you, that's fine ( not really, but...).If that was your intent all along, fine.
Now what i don't understand is that if in failing to do so how come don't you take the responsibility?I mean, even if you are trialed and found not guilty the chances of you being able to repeat that stunt are close to zero so ,as a matter of fact, what you are portraying in your plea is that of a very coward person that stands to no believes.That person is not even here for the voyage.
Suicide bombers indeed...

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