Friday, 27 February 2009

in vino veritas???

One cannot judge himself.
One can have a pretty good idea of who and what he is,wheter it be a superconcept of himself thinking of himself as God's gift to humanity ot the other end of the spectrum.In humanity, all other categories are filled from one end to the other not by self believe but from what people see One.
To make this speech a little less enigmatic, lets just say that as high or short as you try to sell your image to people, it is ultimately in their heads what will they construct of you.So it is out of your hands the opinion that they hold of you, so it really isn't worth the while you thinking about it.You can only do so much.
Then, there are those that constantly change their mind about you and for those indecisive people there is no way of pleasing them.They only seem please to see you when mind altering substances are around...
So why would you feel comfortable with yourself when that situation arises???
In vino veritas???
Well it depends on which side of the truth you are.
The one telling it or the one hearing it.
It boggles the mind.
...I am not that bad.

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