Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Acquired immune deficiency syndrome

I wonder if the same should be used to human beings.
This comes about because of one of the strangest pieces of journalism ever...
The culling of the grey squirrel.It's not so much about the culling of the rodent, charming and cute as it is, but of the action being discussed in of the prime time television programmes in the U.K.What i found it amazing was the fact it even got a mention on it, let along a 15mnt slot in the discussion programme.I'm all for evolution even if it is conditioned by human nature, as it is the case of these squirrels that invaded this country 130 years ago decimating the indigenous red squirrel population.It's great to talk about it, mind you, as i am against that radical solution and it is no more than that; SOLUTION with all that entails.
Should other alternatives be explored?
And in same cases shouldn't we use one example to fit all cases???

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