Saturday, 21 February 2009


In the sanctity of his bath, were he purges his sins and ponders on his life, a man finnaly reaches the understanding of "education, education, education". One can isolate himself for a million of reasons and none stand no sense in the great picture of existence.He can be a genius but for what good are his synaptic connections when the feed-back that he has is just white noise.You rip not only what you sow but also what others planted next to your harvest. And as long as he stands here, anacronically dragging my existence than he'll become immortal in imbecility.And who wants to live forever?
It is not only what he has learned.
It is also how he continues to develop that learning.And development does not equate The Sun newspaper.It does not allow for Hello magazine, it cannot contemplate the notion of chinese whispers.
A part of the living/breathing structured society that we live upon but in no way a small step for men.
In a microcosms it apply's also to the day to day of people that surround such man.
How is he suppose to continue his development if all around him hinders his efforts to improve the notion that he has of himself?
What's the glory that that man can have in being the brightest between the idiots?
It would surely prove that he is the biggest idiot of them all and then he's cicle is completed.The vainglory of such fool became he's ultimate doom.
Education, education, education...
For all is worth, he was taught allot but learned nothing as it turns out.What point is there him being scholar if he cannot apply what he has learned?
Education, education, education...
Maybe that man should really reacess his pryorities as he risks failling on his God sent mission.
And there is no way you mess with God.There is just no way you mess with HIM.
So back to the drawing board.
Education, education, education...

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