Sunday, 8 June 2008


Could talk about PORTUGAL'S win in the Euro.About ,again , the disdain that i hold about lack of effort or nobless.Could go on about this fetish of mine, for that,at the moment, is all that is allowed me to describe her.
I could rant about the stupid piccadilly line or the fact that i am losing my mind.I could talk about the absolute tragedy that it was seeing this guy in the US being hit by a car a people passing by indifferently towards the happening.About the yet another teenage killing in London or the tragedy of New Guinea losing much more rain forest than the Amazon!That the russians are intimidating their neighbours into not allowing NATO to expand to them, or that NATO is aggressively seeking to prolong their silly existence.Could discuss about the smellie whales that fisherman refuse to fish, under treath of starvation, because they smell so bad that even dogs run away, and why is that happening.Could moan about carbon sequestration and even its sale to less polluting countries so that we all can afford air conditioning.
I could do all that but i will just celebrate the story of Jaimme Armstrong and her lost teddy bear which was left at a spanish airport and after 44 days, over 1000 people involved and 3000miles or 4800km and finally reunited.

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