Saturday, 26 July 2008

OH, Mr. Sandeman...

What do you do when you no longer think there is a come back?
Say that you have come to the conclusion that all communication has been lost hence cohesion no longer reigns and dilution of togetherness is clear and painfully visible.Break up point is reached.
In all my defensiveness i would always backtrack and try to rearrange things is order to,at least, bear the factuality that minions surround me because i have so let them.
It's not grandeur, or even narcissism - although i have to confess that i do not remember ever uttering the words "that guy is SMARTER than me" - it's just a recognition of a fact ,well known , that regardless of the fact of not regretting the experiences that i have been trough in my life, i set myself up for the consequences that i now do not enjoy.
So the question remains...
What do you do?
The answer is obvious, the practicability of it is somewhat doubtful.
Or i could say sorry, kiss, make up and bury my head in the sand.

Que fazer quando se chega ao fim do trilho?
A relacao e' insuportavel, a simples presenca torna o ar pesado, sulfuroso, em ponto de ebulicao.
A resposta deveria ser obvia, a praticabilidade e' ,contudo, questionavel.
Ou poderia beijar e fazer as pazes e esconder a cabeca na areia.

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