Monday, 19 May 2008


What a glorious madeirian day this one was...

There was something that got to me, though.
I was in the theatre when over the sudden one of them biting mosquitoes came flying past my ear. My first reaction was to squash him but at good time i stopped.
As a firm believer of interconnectivity i remembered about this guy that was over my place of work the other day.
He tipped me 20 quid and said he was going to South Africa on a shooting safari...
Incredibly, he really meant it. He was going to kill animals...big ones at that. I freaked out (didn’t gave him the 20 pounds though), so he started justifying it was a necessary evil for that the animal's (assume elephants - bastard!!!!) population exceeded the numbers they were seen as a protected species and became a nuissance!Kinda like rabbits , he said.
I am not saying that me not killing that mosquito will somehow restore the balance in the earthling universe but for my part i'll do anything to maintain the idiosyncrasy of those ,that like me, think the world and everything on it is a tool for knowledge and we are only the poorer for exterminating what we do not understand!

Surrounded by sapience the only out is a vast blue wilderness!!

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