Thursday, 8 May 2008


We start, then, with nothing, pure zero. But this is not the nothing of negation. For not means other than, and other is merely a synonym of the ordinal numeral second. As such it implies a first; while the present pure zero is prior to every first. The nothing of negation is the nothing of death, which comes second to, or after, everything. But this pure zero is the nothing of not having been born. There is no individual thing, no compulsion, outward nor inward, no law. It is the germinal nothing, in which the whole universe is involved or foreshadowed. As such, it is absolutely undefined and unlimited possibility -- boundless possibility. There is no compulsion and no law. It is boundless freedom.

Charles S. Peirce, "Logic of Events"

So what i do is NOTHING...

Nada e' zero e incerto porque ha' que haver um tudo para haver nada...entao nada e' algo e deixa de ser nada...como e' absolutamente indefenido entao nada e' possibilidades ilimitada.
E' vivo e morto ao mesmo tempo.
Entao a resposta ta' em nada, porque nada e' liberdade sem fronteiras.

Entao nao vou fazer mais NADA

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