Saturday, 12 April 2008


I was asked today,about my thoughts concerning Heathrow T5.
After a good while discussing about it and its flaws we (myself, a distinguished gentleman and lady whose line of work is teaching and managing,respectively) came to the conclusion that it was not A or Bs fault or any other person being them small fish or big was due not to ineptie or down right stupidity but indeed a serious of small mistakes that snowballed into a giant red card to British pride and its flag bearer...
The reason why i am talking about this is that somehow it brings me comfort to know that giant corporations or single people go trough the same amount of hardship.
That together with a studie today published saying that human error is much more responsible for losses than natural catastrophes, cames and bring me solace.
Funny enough the gentleman painted this picture that i leave for your appreciation;"this fiasco is going to be studied for years to come in economy and management courses in universities as an example of how things can go wrong"!
I, for one, am taking my teachings now, for i was there and saw it.
And in future as to bring about awareness of mismanagement they will say:
"Don't do a Tfiver"!
Man alive, i wouldn't be caught dead in that terminal!Can you imagine the nerves???

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Quem é esta? A Mulher do Buda?