Wednesday, 9 April 2008


I was born in a blessed island...a flowery is called the pearl of the Atlantic!
It differs somewhat from this one island of has no is spring time all year round, so you pretty much grow accustomed to its luxurious flora.
In here, thought, you travel trough a rigorous winter and then you can indeed identify spring...and it is the most beautiful season of them all.
Much more circumspect, true, but absolutely celebratory of the circle of life...all is green and the smell is different.I really do love this country
Viva a Primavera

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Mãe said...

Que lindo! Como exprimes tão bem toda a beleza da Obra do Senhor! Que bom assim o sintas porque a saudade fica mais simples e mais leve. Meu filho Poeta do nosso coração
Beijos da mãe