Monday, 25 February 2008

O dono da chave da casa-de-banho...

Keys to the business???perish the thought!?!Surely not me...or will i?
All and all the time is fast approaching...i will have to decide!Its not that is just that once taken that step, there is no going back...a lot to process!But not all is about the money...i know that now and still i wonder...Comfort zone?certo mas uma zona de conforto que eu aprendi a estender...e um passo sem retorno...nao ha retorno...Its like somebody playing the lotery every day until you get rich then losing all your money and then playing the lottery again until you get rich...nao faz avancar nao posso recuar!
But you got to admit...this guy really knows how to speak to people...motitional?maybe...psycological?absolutly
And then those retched keys

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