Saturday, 25 April 2009


I was walking around today and it was that kind of a day.You know, a spring sunny and showery breezy day!!!All of the sudden i saw this girl and she reminded me of an old girlfriend.Probably the only one that i really thought about a future with. Anyway, the image and the remembrance persisted whilst i walked and i was wondering about the chances of meeting her there and then, in Crouch End of all places in the world. Ours was an acrimonious goodbye so i was thinking if it was her, would she say anything.
You know how it a day like this you already feel melancholic and then you obviously situations arise that make you ponder about where your life would be if you had taken a different route. 
My point is this, though.There i was with all these thoughts about her and all in my head and, as if to help the party, i see a double-decker bus passing by publicizing a new movie...WAIT FOR IT...
"Ghost of girlfriend past"
These are the things you can't make up.So i wonder.We have all these names to identify and define phenomena , like "deja vu" and what not.

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