Thursday, 16 April 2009


As any other person that lives in this London i ride the bus...
The double-decker one, of of them new shining ones that the mayor bought.There are, of course some steps to access the upper level and this guy started climbing them as the bus drove off. He wasn't holding the rails, so we came crushing down and fell on top of his arm. That must of hurt as hell. Still, on the other hand we had a roll-up cigarette that was half done.He just didn't let go of it. Kinda difficult to feel sorry for him.
As all around me does so, i can't help but to be inquisitive as to the fact that people seem to deliberately make life difficult both for them as to the next one. Sure, life is a challenge and that is the fun of it. When we all return to our previous state of chaotic quarks and electrons and the residual energy then elevates itself to the state of empiric knowledge we will then know better.
But it seems to me redundant the fact that you will acquire knowledge thru stupidity of actions.I mean, at the end you are not learning, you are simply a living protozoan, you are extant, you SUBSIST...but you do nothing...


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