Thursday, 8 January 2009


So i'm talking to this friend of mine today and we realize that we both want something else in life.We have distinct pathways in life but the ultimate goal seems to be the same.Knowledge, adventure, meeting people...different names for the same thing.
Now the way that you achieve that is sometimes torturose as you will exaust your strenght time and again.So the obvious conclusion is that a partnership is required not only as part of the ultimate objective but also as a a faithful depository of all that becomes unberable to withstand in our journey and gives us strenght to continue with it.
That, it seems, is something beyond love...
It's the great glue of life.

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Anonymous said...

Finding a partnership could be easy,but finding the right one can be a hurdle...Being positive though could brighten a winter gloomy evening..Great things always appear on your way.Can u manage to grab them?Thats the question..Maybe u r away with the fairies,while a happy sunshine is flirting with u for just a moment and then..its hidden behind that massive cloud..and u remain wondering where was it?Or where ur mind was?Every journey requires its luggage..But do we have enough or maybe excessive?Its all about a bet..Betting in life won't let us down..But bear in mind that an insurance has to be put forward!Just in case...:)