Saturday, 6 December 2008


It is all about the voyage, the discovery, the knowing what is not known to realize that it's only suck because one, then, knows as one has experienced both states.
Having said that, the way you conduct yourself will always have repercussions in what/who ever is left behind, so selfish attitudes have no room else that you provide some sort of cushion to dampen the consequences of you actions.
I may be mistaken but regardless of the fact that this person, that i don't even know and by chance works in the same company as i do, has died or not of a drugs overdose, the fact remains that her life choices were directly responsible for her dire outcome.
Having people collect money for the transport back to her own country doesn't strike me as fair mainly because the pressure is on you, that have been there and done that.
I do feel for her family but i cannot ever respect a person like that.I do not condemn her, but i have no respect for her neither.
So...should i contribute to the expenses as a sign of respect towards her memory, one of a person that could have been but is no longer, as she deemed fit to do so? Or should my actions reflect the profound disgust that i have for a person that imposed herself on others?
I haven't met her...for all i know , she could be a darling person.
Still, it doesn't hide the ultimate fact.
But i guess her folks don't need the aggro on top of the pain.
So contribute i will.
I, never the less, want to remind myself  that i'll do so under protest.

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